Art Residency at Mountain Lake Biology Station, Virginia, USA

Every summer Mountain Lake Biology Station, Virginia, USA fills with biologists, scientists and researchers. This year, Virginian artist Megan Marlatt invited fourteen artists to the station for a three week residency.

The exotic isolated location atop the southern Appalachian mountains, has been operating as a research and teaching field station since in 1929, established by the University of Virginia’s (UVA) Department of Biology as a summer facility for teaching and research.

Most research at MLBS continues to involve field-oriented studies at the population level, with strengths in the evolution, ecological genetics, population and community ecology, behavioural physiology, and conservation of organisms in natural habitats.

In the 80's Mountain Lake was also renowned for its radical art seminars series and workshops held with such luminaries as John Cage, other artists and theoreticians.

All participants at Mountain Lake work, eat, and live together everyday, integrating research and mentor ship in the truest sense of a Jeffersonian “academical village.”

Images of two dimensional artworks: