'After the Dreaming'

May 11th 2013
'After the dreaming'...a evening of art and performance over two sites. Curated by Suzanne Donisthorpe

Site one - Battaini's Place:

It began when Alex Panelli commissioned Frank Veldze to work on the ruin of the post gold-rush house built by his forebears. A project Alex describes as… 'a place, a home a rupture'.
He didn't want to preserve the house as a relic but rather to reconsider it as a dream home built on land that was given to the Battaini/Panelli family as part of a deal - an uncomfortable deal between a foreign queen and a family of Swiss/Italian immigrants. A deal that entirely excluded the original inhabitants.
Frank describes his part in the recreation of Battaini's Place- as 'a dance with entropy and renewal', as he stripped back and stored up the old home, replacing some of the walls with wire mattress frames thus referencing the dream home.
Alex then invited Bill Sampson and myself to join in the 'Rupture'. Bill Sampson’s crushed paintings that blow through the work- like us- blow ins onto black man’s land.

In this project I have utilised materials gleaned from the site. The hand-stitched hessian produce bags that lined the internal walls of the home, the linoleum from the floor and the home-fashioned wheelbarrow used to carry suitcases to and from the railway station.

The re-established hand-hewn horse yard posts are a reminder of the rural
farming traditions as well as referencing an indigenous connection to country
that exists at a spiritual level rather than through ownership.

More details of my artworks on my website - exhibition history.